Md-Message of Siddharthapharma


Siddhartha Pharmaceuticals is a dynamic healthcare company of the future. With our pioneering & unique business model which drives our commercial success and growth, we look to grow consistently by increasing our market share of our existing products portfolio & Moreover we believe in continual evolution with technological advancement which has been accomplished with technical collaboration with MNC. We, at our end believe in progress through hard work and ethical practices. We are also very much mindful about our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) beyond our conventional business role.

We are fortunate to have a team of highly professional and dedicated staff. The credit for exponential growth goes to them. It is their efforts that make it possible for Siddhartha Pharmaceuticals to increase and grow our business consistently. As an employer we look to provide equal employment opportunity and believe in harnessing diversity in our organization. We provide professional development and career advancement to all our employees through our core values of fairness and meritocracy ensuring that we help our people grow with us.

We aim to become a top pharmaceutical company with global-level capabilities.

We believe that ‘Limits exist only in the soul of those who do not Dream’.

G.R. Pathak