PMT comprises a team of pharmacists and professionals who working integration with the sales unit, manufacturing unit, corporate office, government officials and also customers for attainment of the objective of the company. It has four distinct roles: product planner, product marketer, sales engineer and marketing communications (marcom) manager.

PMT is mostly responsible for:
• Working upon “Brand Building” through Brand plans
• Field work to understand the market & evaluate developed strategies in process
• Developing & finalizing brand campaigns/strategies/activities
• To prepare proposal & plan for new product launches, market research survey of Dr’s & study ( as per ORG) before launching of new products
• Formulating & implementing innovative strategies for launching new brands and increasing sales of the existing ones
• To analyze the market and competition in order to identify the opportunities, threats and key issues
• Designing of sales promotional inputs including visual-aids, LBL, sales & sample packs
• Conducting sales promotion meetings & event management.
• Training the sales team with the pharmaceutical and marketing aspects of our product
• Providing scientific backup to the medical fraternity
• New molecule selection