The company has a full-fledged quality control laboratory covering all the sections. Our laboratory is equipped with world-class equipment consisting of latest HPLC, Spectrophotometer, FTIR, Electronic Hardness Testers, Dissolution Machines and many more.

Quality Control Department (QCD) is responsible for the study of raw and packing materials as well as intermediate, bulk and finished products. All analytical tests carried out in the laboratory are as per written instructions and analysis protocols, which are derived mainly from official pharmacopoeias, various references or it is developed in-house and validated. The materials are assessed as per the in-house specifications, which are more stringent than in most pharmacopoeias.

Correspondingly, the department plays an active role in the qualification and validation programs and testing/monitoring of the manufacturing environment as well as pharmaceutical water.


The microbiological department is responsible for ensuring medications do not contain harmful levels of microbes – such as bacteria, yeasts and moulds. The major responsibilities of the microbiological department include environmental monitoring, complete analysis of water, limit test, identification of pathogens, and microbial tests of raw materials as well as finished products.